1. 2014

    Milton J. - 7/14/14

    I had a pre purchase inspection done my these same people and was very satisfied with how thorough and informative they were. I believe the labor rate was $105 per hour. I would not hesitate to use them again in the future.

    Integrity RV Reply:
    (2018) Please note that this labor rate has gone up and is no longer $105/hr. Thank You!

    D. Morris - 7/13/14

    I had my RV checked out at Integrity before making a trip to Yellowstone this summer. The technician was very thorough, though I really expected to be contacted for approval prior to any work being done. I called to determine when to pick up my rig and several items had already been repaired. After detailing other items, we checked off some of them as not necessary. I was floored when given the invoice. $175/hour really seems high for labor. One item repaired by them has already broken. I'm sure it would be repaired if I took it back, but it's over an hour drive from my home and doesn't seem worth it for the screen door latch to be re-repaired. The work done, other than the latch, was top notch and prompt, just a little pricey in the labor charges.
  2. 2014

    D. Jones - 12/18/14


    Integrity RV Reply:
    We are so sorry about the smell, we will make sure to speak to the techs and keep it from happening in the future. 

    Jim Smith - 9/17/14

    While on vacation In September we had electrical problems. After checking service in the area we decided to drive a little over a hundred miles to Integrity. Without any notice we just showed up and explained everything to Dean. The service bays were full but Dean said he would give us a call. The same afternoon he called and told us that motorhome was ready to roll. He had found the problem and repaired coach in just a few hours with a realistic price. We have had motorhome worked by Integrity before. It has always been quality work and a fair price. Keep up the good work Dean

    Charles & Gloria Preer - 9/4/14

    We were on vacation the week of Aug. 17th for the first time in an RV. After arriving in downtown Atlanta we parked the RV in an paid parking lot only to come back to find our RV had been burglarized. As devastating as that was we had to find an RV service to put the back window in where the burglar had taken it out. Thank God we found Integrity RV service center. We were so happy to find such good, professional, friendly service. We want to thank you for being happy to help us. Being far from Akron Ohio, we really appreciated your kindness even in offering us to come in to watch TV because ours was stolen in the burglary. Thank you for your great southern hospitality. My husband was so relieved to get the window put back in after attempting to go to other RV centers who counld't help us. Thank you for your very good work and helping us to continue our vacation. God Bless you all. The Preers.
  3. 2013

    Joe K. - 9/19/13

    Well Dean helped me again today. Certainly the go to man for RV Service.

    John Longo - 7/16/13

    Integrity RV is by far the best and most competent service center we have ever used! Dean has worked on our 2010 RV since we purchased it new from Bleakley RV; therefore, it was an easy decision to continue this relationship. Dean and his staff are extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and more than willing to tackle any problem presented them. We had an aggravating water leak which resulted in one of our basement bays being flooded every time we returned home from a trip. We took the RV to Dean after our last trip in 2012, and asked that he please get someone to find the leak. The tech assigned was determined to find the leak, and after a couple weeks of trial and error, he found and corrected the issue! I don’t think any other service center would have the same resolve. They are truly the only place to go for reliable, trustworthy service. Dean is ALWAYS honest with his pricing, and will not take advantage of any situation. You can trust him and every member of his staff.

    Ginny La Juene - 1/17/13

    My husband & I brought our 2004 Vectra to Integrity RV Service Center for storage for our one month after getting a recommendation from an iRV2 Forum member. Eric asked Dean if we could have a SeeLeveL Tank Monitor installed while the rig is in storage. Dean looked over some installation instructions and gave us a quote. Eric purchased a SeeLeveL Tank Monitor and had it mailed to Integrity RV Service Center. Results: The SeeLeveL Tank Monitor has been installed and we now know how much we have in fresh, grey, black water and LP tanks, by percentages. It's awesome! Dean and his team took on the installation of an unfamiliar tank monitor system and got the job done, right. We won’t be coming back for repeat appointments to correct problems. Eric and I highly recommend Integrity RV Service Center.

    Jim Swilley - 1/3/13

    Dean,has always done the service on my coach since 2006 even while he was with Bleakley as service manager.The name of his business says it"ALL" Integrity,that what you get when you deal with him and his techs.Recently I took my coach in for an interment electrical problem with the air leveling system,I thought it was the control box.The tech thru his expert trouble shooting found a pushed back pin in the connector and it was only a minor fix.They could have told me anything,But I was out within an hour with only a minor charge.2003 Monaco Windsor
  4. 2012

    Gene S. - 11/14/12

    Dean: Everything worked fine. The air dryer filter probably was the culprit. Thanks for helping us out and for all the hospitality and great service. We will definitely recommend you to others. Thanks, Gene

    Sarah Walker - 10/18/12

    Recently spoke to Dean, Integrity owner, regarding a TV installation problem. I was immediately asked to bring the RV in and the problem was taken care of immediately at no additional cost. Thanks Dean and your entire crew for the excellent work that you continue to provide.

    M. Lee - 9/26/12

    At first, I was reluctant to have Integrity perform chassis, engine & genset 25, 000 mile services on my coach, however, after driving it some 4500 miles plus through Niagara Falls,NY & CA; Houlton, ME; CT; DC without any problem, no more hesitation. They are dependable & trustworthy RV partners. Trying to contact them again for several other problems.

    Joe K. - 10/31/12

    Dean and his staff are honest and the prices are fair. They fixed a leak on my RV that NO ONE has been able to fix. I recomend them to anyone.
  5. 2018

    Kurt Lawrence - 9/4/18

    I was about to leave for vacation and found my rear slide was not operating. I called everyone in the area and no one was willing to look at it, until I called Integrity RV. Dean told me if I would bring it buy they would take someone off another job and see what was going on. 3 hours later they had me up and running and I didnt have to cancel my vacation. I can't say enough about this company, they truly operate with "Integrity" . I will be returning in the future. You cant beat this company for service, this was the best experience I have ever had at any RV dealership


    Add Your Testimony


    Add Your Testimony
  6. 2012

    Victoria & Bob McV - 9/17/12

    The folk at Integrity RV are wonderful to work with – their ability to diagnose and repair both minor and major issues is excellent. Dean and Jeff are great at giving status updates and suggestions without pressure, just good customer service. I recommend this service center; they manage their business as their name implies – with INTEGRITY!

    Ed C. - 9/17/12

    Dean and his staff are first class. The work was perfomed on time and at the amount quoted.They had took the time to check my problem order the parts. Even though they couln't find the part in the Atlanta area. Thanks to Dean, Jeff, John,& Gary for all they did for me Would recommend this shop to my friends.

    Charlie M. - 9/13/12

    Good folks, Work was done correctly the first time !

    Harry Anderson - 9/13/12

    I highly reccomend this RV Servise Center. Their ability to handle the larger and smaller RV's. is unsurpassd by any I have used in my 17 years of RVing. Espcially important to me is the background of the owner, Mr. Dean Woodruff. He has an extensive background with many years of experience in this field and always does an excellent job in a professional manner.

    Fred Tomsett - 9/13/12

    Great service. They have done several jobs on my rv, on schedule with go problems. The have also helped by working on problems at short notice so I could leave on a vacation. I recomend using Integrity RV

    Kate - 8/29/12

    Best Service I have ever had on my RV the whole 5 years I owned. Honest, reliable. Just Awesome!!!!!
  7. 2015

    Ed & Ruth Weber - 3/22/15

    Having traveled 48 of the 50 states and most of those several times we have had experience with service centers. After being stranded over 1000 miles from home Integrity RV got us back on the road with our fifth wheel in better shape than before our accident. Their prices were reasonable and expertise unsurpassed. Where else would you find owners like Dean and Peggy send you off with a hand shake and hug as well as a phone call the day after you left to see how your travels were going? Quality service by quality people and reasonable. On a scale of one to ten, a definite twelve.

    John Carroll, Jr. - 2/22/15

    I purchased my Blue Bird Coach new from John Bleakley RV in August of 2004 when Mr. Dean Woodruff was their Service Manager. All service on my coach has been done since then by Bleakley and now by Integrity RV Service and I feel that all work done has been of excellent quality and fairly and appropriately priced and done in a timely manner. Once Mr. Woodruff even came to my residence himself and replaced a broken fan belt on the auxiliary power unit at no charge. On one occasion Mr. Woodruff sent a crew to a North Georgia raceway to repair a hydraulic leak caused by a loose fitting from the factory installation. He even gave me the remainder of the five gallons of fluid brought to service the system. The only maintenance that I would consider having done elsewhere would be emergency road service such as a flat tire.

    Rick & Shelly Heyman - 2/18/15

    Just wanted to say how great your service, hospitality, and knowledge in your business, Dean you did everything as quickly as you could to get us back on the road. Your staff was very generous and was also very helpful. Tonya went above herself also, when the part store said it would be delivered on a day, then realizing it was a holiday she managed to get the part there that day just before they closed shop. We really didn't know how well Dean knew about Bluebirds, our roadside service recommended us to Integrity and once we talked to him we knew that we were in great hands. I would recommend anyone to have their RV serviced with Dean at Integrity. Thank-You again, Rick & Shelly
  8. 2015

    Bill & Joy Chathm - 5/21/15

    Traveling through Atlanta we had some damage to our Motorhome. Not knowing where to get help we contacted several sources that recommended Integrity and Dean. They made time from their schedule to help us and get us back on the road at a reasonable cost and in minimum time. We appreciate the attention given to us by Dean, Peggy and the whole team. The Work and their help was GREAT. Thanks again for the help.

    Jim From Roscoe GA - 4/23/15

    Good folks, I like doing business with them. Emphasis on service , not just getting paid. Peggy persisted with a warrenty payment from the manufacturer , finnaly getting paid as promised. Glad I found them!

    Morris Devereaux - 3/23/15

    I'm amazed that Dean has time to do anything. I call him constantly about fixing, changing, modifying. In addition to normal repairs and maintenance, he's modified my rig to prevent accidental battery discharge and he's right in the middle of equipping my Chevrolet Silverado for towing right now. I drive an hour each way to get to him and it's worth every minute.
  9. 2016

    J.R. Ash - 11/21/16

    This is a great RV Service. If you are trying to decide where to take would RV this is the place. I had used another service (CW) and was not satistified and a business associate told me about Integrity RV Service. The repaired my roof, awning, and leak in the refrig and did great work at a great price. They will handle the insurance and give them an estimate of the repair if needed. Great people to work with and they want to make sure you are happy before you leave. Give them a try you will be please that you did.

    Lee E Fields - 6/14/16

    I wanted say I have been bringing my Tiffin Allegro Bus for service and repairs for years now. Dean, Peggy, and the entire staff have been a joy to work with. They have done so many services and repair for my motor home from motor work, oil changes, awning replacement, battery replacement, interior repair, bodywork repair, and genset maintenance. That's just the short list. :) I have not had one complaint. They are great, honest people that won't rip you off and always go the extra mile to make the customer happy. They have always come thru for me and I wanted others to know that I highly recommend them for any camper or coach services. Truly, the word Integrity in the name of their business is an accurate description of thier business!

    L. Bailey - 6/5/16

    I want to express my total satisfaction and appreciation for a job superbly done regarding my coach windshield wiper system and the modification to the roof ladder. I am somewhat of a novice RV'er and my experience with RV repair facilities and their respective management has not been good. However, I must say the folks at Integrity RV Service Center are a rare my case. The attention to detail and perseverance to ensure customer satisfaction has been wholly unsurpassed. Again, thanks to you and your team for a job well done. I will absolutely certify with other RV owners the quality of your work and your personal involvement guaranteeing the best of service.
  10. 2017

    Allan Z. - 3/27/17

    My wife and I were traveling from Florida to Page AZ. on the way we stopped in Georgia to visit kids and grandkids. We stayed in an RV park In Newnan, GA. When we hooked up to the 50 amp service we got absolutely no power in the RV. We contacted a friend and he recommended Integrity RV Service Center. He said that they are the "best" anywhere. We called Peggy and we were asked to get our RV up to them. Dean, Gary and another couple of folks got us checked out and on the road the next morning. We were able to stay on the property. The repair work was as thorough as any I have seen. I would highly ... very highly recommend Integrity. They are truly great.

    Johanna Hutson - 2/17/17

    I am so grateful for having found this family owned and operated RV service company. No, I am not related to them but I would be proud to be! They take such good care of my Class A Winnebago Coach. I drive 5 hours to take it to them for even an oil change. Their estimates are accurate. Their work completion dates are on time. I travel alone as a single female who has little or no mechanical ability but I travel confidently knowing that they take care of my RV.

    Tracy A. - 2/11/17

    I recently had a tire explode on my camper. My insurance comnpany recommended I contact Intehgrity. They processed all insurance info and got me repaired in much less time that I had expected and the repairs were great. You can not tell anything ever happened. I know where I will be going in the future. So gald I found them.
  11. 2016

    Wes & Judith Holbrook - 5/27/16

    My husband and I are ecstatic! After nine years and fourteen dealers and repair facilities promising to find our leak, we finally found Integrity at an RV show. We told them our story, and Greg gave us the assurance that he could fix our problem. We were doubtful, but we made an appointment and took our 2007 Holiday Rambler to Integrity RV. They did a very thorough job of inspecting and testing for water leaks. They found cracks, holes, and places where the water could come in. We are not really sure what those other repair facilities were looking for! Integrity did the work as promised and our coach is no longer leaking. Dean, Greg, Eddie, Peggy, Joe, and the rest of the people at Integrity are great. We would recommend them to anyone who is having a problem with their coach. Professional, careful, honest, knowledgeable, and friendly are words that describe the good folks at Integrity RV Service Center. Thanks so much to all of you. We now can enjoy our coach again!

    Karen Kohlhaas - 5/19/16

    Peggy, Dean and Eddie are great to work and they make you feel part of their family. After purchasing our trailer in Idaho, we had a minor fender bender enroute to bringing it home in Northern Alabama. Local RV dealers had limited time and interest as we didn't purchase the unit from them. After researching options, we made the trip to Douglasville and found it a worthwhile experience. Even though they were booked (always a problem when you deliver good service), they squeezed us in and followed up regularly with progress on the repairs. The trailer was repaired as good as new, additional new owner preventative maintenance items completed, and the prices were fair and reasonable. As lifelong do it yourselfers, we tend to measure the cost and time of doing the work ourselves verses paying others, and we found we couldn't come close to competing with the service provided. Thank you Dean and Peggy, we hope to be on the road soon, finally getting to enjoy the trailer.

    Griff Carey - 3/29/16

    Integrity RV is a GEM and live up to their name. Dean and Peggy are honest and strive to give excellent service and care of your RV. I can't say enough good things about them.

    Larry Swanson - 2/27/16

    We had the flooring replaced, water heater, and water pump repaired by Integrity. All items are fixed and the new floor looks great. Job well done!
  12. 2018

    Jennifer - 7/24/18

    Dean, Peggy & Integrity RV Family, Thank you so very much for inviting me into your 2nd home and for going so far out of your way to accommodate all my needs & more at this time on my journey. You went WAY above and beyond and live up to your name in a mighty way. You got my baby up & running and shiny as new. You ignited my spirit and I couldn't be more excited to spend time in my camper. Good luck as you pursue providing service & repairs for your customers in the future. You all are beautiful people and I know you will thrive! God Bless

    Darnell Reed Sr - 3/31/18

    By no means am I a seasoned Rv'er but, I do know the importance of having good PMCS (preventive maintenance, checks and services) on any vehicle before your mission starts. Integrity RV Service has taken care of my maintenance issues since I purchased my 1996 Pace Arrow Vision 4 years ago. Not knowing the service record at the time of purchase, Dean suggested I get some additional services done asap besides what I came in for. I trust Integrity with all maintenance issues because the mechanics know their business and will share with the customer what needs attention as a courtesy. You can not find a better deal than that for customer service.

    B&B - 3/6/18

    We brought our Nomad in to replace a wind-damaged awning. Integrity RV did a great job, good time frame, professional work. However, the thing that really stood out was the customer service from Peggy - fantastic! She made over 20 phone calls to our insurance company and adjustor in order to take care of the insurance for us. It was a long, hard, road with a less-than-helpful adjustor, but Peggy did everything necessary - and more - to get the $ situation taken care of for us. She called us back when she said she would, AND she called whenever there was any kind of development with the issues - something no one else has done. Will definitely be using Integrity RV the next time we need repairs!
  13. 2015

    Scott G. - 12/23/15

    Integrity RV was wonderful to do business with. Peggy worked with the extended service provider and Dean called me to go over the needed repairs and parts and even went above and beyond and offered his expertise for the best options. Highly recommend them for any RV service or repair that you may have. Great to work with and wonderful customer service.

    Dennis James - 11/16/15

    We own a 2000 LXI Bluebird and always take it to Dean at Integrity RV. This is not a short trip for us since we live in Colorado, but Integrity RV is the only place we have found that is trustworthy and fixes things correctly the first time. We highly recommend Integrity and their awesome staff to anyone needing repair or remodeling. Customer service is a rare commodity in this day and age and you will find it at Integrity!

    Randall & Belinda Cowart - 9/25/15

    Honesty. Strong moral principals. Going above and beyond. This describes Integrity. Dean & Peggy appear to have influenced their staff and what a breath of fresh air in any service industry. Sure makes it pleasurable and easy to trust their knowledge and experience when discussing anything. Simply the best! Thanks, Randall & Belinda Cowart Powder Springs, GA
  14. 2017

    Johanna Hutson - 11/11/17

    Integrity RV Service has taken care of my 2015 Winnebago Class A coach for several years. I rely on them to check the coach and do all needed maintenance. I take the RV to them every six months. Without them, I couldn't travel the way I do and feel comfortable that my RV is well taken care of. Thank you so much Peggy and Dean!

    Stewart & Carol Saunders - ​9/25/17

    Dictionary definition of Integrity is "quality of being honest and having strong moral principles" and that is exactly what you get from Integrity RV. We are a British couple and full time when we're in the US, so finding a good service centre is difficult as we're always on the move. We first visited Integrity last year on the recommendation of the RV Loft in Marietta where we store our Monaco Executive. We're back again this year to a warm southern welcome and have again received great service at a reasonable price. They kindly allowed us to stay a few nights in their lot while we visited a local Jeep dealer for repairs to our toad. Thank you so much Dean, Peggy and your Team for your exceptional service. Sure we'll be back again, hopefully for maintenance work rather than repairs next time :)

    Fred Golden - 8/2/17

    Honest, friendly, and reasonable. We had brake problem on our Motorhome, called Integrity and talked to Dean. They were booke full with work, but told me if I could make it there, they would take a look at it. We made to their location and they immediately took our RV in. Dean then let me and the wife use his car to go eat lunch. Shortly after lunch they said everything checked out okay, no real problem. Charged us under $100, which we felt was very reasonable. We were at there mercy and some dealers would of scalped us. THANK YOU INTEGRITY RV.
  15. 2017

    Kevin Marcum - 7/17/17

    unwilling TO HELP, Unwilling to talk to warranty company, basically said no thanks money is what we want.

    Integrity RV Reply: 
    Mr. Marcum, I am very sorry you feel this way. When we spoke on the phone I explained that we are not an RV dealer, therefore we cannot work with manufacturer warranties but we are willing to work with you then you can submit to get reimbursed by your warranty company. You are welcome to call us back and we can try to figure out a plan. Thank you.

    D Carter - 5/31/17

    Integrity RV in Douglasville Ga is a true diamond in the rough! Dean and Peggy Woodruff operate a wonderful family oriented business catering to the needs of the RV community. They have a large maintenance facility with multiple bays where their well trained staff can perform almost any maintenance needed on your coach or trailer camper. The fees for any repair are reasonable, and they strive to get you into the shop and on your way as quickly as possible. All in all you cannot find a better place in the Douglasville area to have your RV serviced as well as store it in between adventures! Dean and Peggy are wonderful to deal with and will try their best to get any issue taken care of as quickly as possible.

    Terry Carlisle - 4/29/17

    Can not say enough good things about Integrity! First class company; first class service. Integrity has been servicing our motorhome for over a year and a half and service has always prompt and done right. Dean usually has our motorhome in a bay before I can finish the paper work with Peggy. Even when Dean wasn't sure he could get everything done, he and the service guys would come through and have it ready when I needed it. Service is very professional but with a friendly and personal touch. Dean and Peggy have built a wonderful business. Integrity is indeed the perfect name for this company.
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